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Looking for a different kind of martial art?

Master Taejoon Lee Speaks Out:

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Hwa Rang Do, Martial Training and Yourself!

For the first time in the history of Hwa Rang Do, Master Lee goes outside his beloved organization to set the martial arts industry straight, reveals the true purpose of martial training, while exploring the ugly and good of human nature...

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Master Lee introduces himself, Hwa Rang Do, speaks on his father founding the art and reveals why he never attends martial arts industry conventions...

Focus of Hwa Rang Do

Master Lee speaks on how Hwa Rang Do compares to other arts, it's primary focus and reveals the REAL reason why he continues to teach Hwa Rang Do


Modern History of Hwa Rang Do

Master Lee reviews ancient Korean history, the influence of confucinism, Taoism on Korean culture/history and how Hwa Rang Do came to be...


The Value of Martial Training

How martial art training helps you win life's everyday battles and develop inner strength.

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Enjoy these videos and we invite you to schedule an appointment to take a trial class or take advantage of Master Taejoon Lee's counseling /life coaching services. You may call at 310-473-6233 or email at info@hwarangdo.net.

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